Lessons on Flexbox?


So, in the opening introduction to the Grid section of the CSS course, it mentions previous lessons on Flexbox. Nowhere in the CSS course did it cover Flexbox. I remember being particularly disappointed about this, because most forums seem to suggest that Flexbox is the new standard, and more capable than all the other display: properties together.

Does Codecademy actually have a lesson on Flexbox?



Well, not really sure about it but I can tell Flexbox is being used as alternative to other grid techs in framework like as Bootstrap and Foundation. You can either enable Flexbox grids or any other CSS grid system available for such frameworks.

I don’t think so, I remember way back ago when I finished the CSS course and it hasn’t Flexbox. Also it is too specific to be teach in one course since its use is pretty easy thanks to the documentation available at their website.


Flexbox is being used a lot, from what I can tell. I didn’t think there was anything about it, but it mentioned it in the Intro to Grid.