Lesson5 Exercise6 can't progress


...I'm pretty sure you can guess the trouble...have the code in correctly but error saying "no response received from web browser." It's weird because I was able to complete the previous lessons with my current web browser...tried closing the browser and reopening it...nothing...

function main(){


..small question...what is the preferred web browser codeacademy wants people to use anyways?


..tried resetting lesson..nothing.


Did you mean 'refresh' (F5)? If not, try that after running the code, then run again.


I mean selecting reset lesson from the menu...I used refresh before on other lessons but that was to correct a bug where half of the code won't show even though it was still there.


Okay, that speaks of another issue. Thank you for distinguishing it from,

which run refresh run seems to work around.

I'm not up on the lesson reset issue and not sure how that can be resolved. Different browser, maybe?


I could try...using IE atm.


..yea..different browser worked...


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