Lesson unusably bugged



Did you next and apply the properties to .icon?

@import url(https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Pacifico);
//Add variables here:
$icon-square-length: 300px;
$translucent-white: rgba(255,255,255,0.3);

h1 {
  font-family: Roboto, sans-serif;
  text-align: center;

.banner {
  font-family: 'Pacifico', cursive;
  height: 400px;
  background-image: url("lemonade.jpg");
  border : {
    top: 4px solid black;
    bottom: 4px solid black;
  .slogan {
  	position: absolute;
  	border: 4px solid black;
  	top: 200px;
  	left: 25%;
  	width: 50%;
  	height: 200px;
    background-color: $translucent-white;
    span {
  		position: absolute;
  		text-align: center;
  		line-height: 200px;

.container {
  text-align: center;
  font-family: 'Pacifico', cursive;
  .icon {
  	display: inline-block;
  	margin: 2%;
  	border: 4px solid black;
  	font-size: 32px;
    width: $icon-square-length;
    height: $icon-square-length;

Every lesson so far has been bugged. Won't run despite me typing in exactly what it says to do. Now the Get Code button won't work either so I can't even bypass it. Lesson is unusable.


I agree, I ended up having to give up on it for now as every lesson resulted in doing the exercise, and then coming to the forums to see what workaround had to be done to actually pass the exercise.

Shame that it's not usable, it really should be fixed up (resetting the workspace and ever the "Get Code" feature seems unresponsive on many of the first lessons exercies)


Yep, I can't get it to work either. CA needs to get off their asses and fix this critical bug, stat.


mine is frozen, also.... kind of sucks...


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