Lesson "too to long to finish"


Every time I try to program the "make your own while loop" a pop-up keeps telling me the program took to long to finish. I know that, I'm trying to fix it and yet when I do not only does the save button time out so I can't submit but when i reset the code or the page the pop-up shows up again. I just want to finish it and yet I can't and it's really annoying.

For reference I copied the example and this is what I typed:

    $loopCount = 2;
    while ($loopCount < 10) {
        echo "<p>Iteration Number: {$loopCount}</p>";
        $loopCount = $loopCount + 2;


Well I finally managed to submit it, but not until after several tries. It still does not change the fact that it is incredibly buggy.