Lesson on mv command rejecting everything

I have done everything asked for in this ridiculously simple task and it rejects it every time.

The link to the lesson is:

It asks me to change directories and list the contents. In this screenshot, you can see i’ve doen exactly that.

You can see I’ve listed the files in that directory.

In this shot, I pwd to show that I am in the correct directo


What do i have to do to move on from here?



I remember those lessons being a right pain for getting the completion sorted. Try firing in that full command now cd ../../comedy/slapstick which should leave you in the same directory anyway. If that doesn’t work try changing to a different directory and then back to the correct one just to see if it triggers the requirements.


Adding on to what @tgrtim said, this is because Codecademy expects you to input exactly what the instructions say, in this case, cd ../../comedy/slapstick. This would require you to first navigate to a directory (for example, superhero) where you could change into the slapstick directory by using the provided command. This happens throughout the course.

Here’s the filesystem used in this lesson for your reference.