Lesson Number One



Oops, try again. The name key does not have the value "Lloyd" in your lloyd dictionary.

I do not understand how the value "Lloyd" is not being recognised.

lloyd = {
    "name": ["Lloyd"],
    "homework": [],

alice = {
    "name": ["Alice"],
    "homework": [],
    "quizzes": [],
    "tests": [],

tyler = {
    "name": ["Tyler"],
    "homework": [],
    "quizzes": [],
    "tests": [],


This is a list. Should be a string.

We want to be able to access it, using,


Written as you have above it will need to be accessed as,


which the SCT is not programmed to do.

Same applies to the other two dictionaries.


I thought the purpose of this was to make a list, or am I missing something key here?


The three grade categories are lists because there are multiple data points in each. The name is a singular piece of identification data, so a string.