Lesson number one



the error is invalid syntax on the comma

Replace this line with your code.


corrected my spelling still receiving the same code.

edit added blanked lists


Mine also same problem , tried editing 1000 times but could not get through.


i am still getting the same error


the value of the name key should be Lloyd, only the first letter uppercase, not the first two letters.

Off-topic: please tell me you didn't install putty on ubuntu.......


Yea....I am new to ubuntu, like a few days... I was using it the start the war games. Guessing that's a bad idea? Is it a security risk, or is there a better one to be using?


Did you resolve the issue with the exercise lesson?

No, the point is that putty is windows software, ubuntu comes with much better ssh support built in, google: ubuntu openssh

If you secure the SSH correctly, there is no security issue, and not the point i wanted to make :wink:


yes thank you the issue resolved when i changed it to Lloyd.

also thanks for the ssh advice i am going to look into that as well.