Lesson Number one


I am receiving an error in this assignment telling me that I have not set the "name" key in the lloyd dictionary to "Lloyd"

lloyd = {"name":["Lloyd"],

alice = {"name":["Alice"],
tyler = {"name":["Tyler"],

Any suggestions? Thanks


Hi Try to remove the name of the students inside [ ] and just keep the name like that "Lloyd" and so on...


Hi, thanks, my problem was solved by replacing

and performing the same substitions subsequently. Thanks again.


They should really specify that they do not want a list for the key name, but a single string. That would make more sense imo.

Thanks for the Question and the Answer.


I figured as much, but I did not want to write it a different way than taught. Because in school they took points off for using other methods not taught by the class yet. So for fears of the invisibleness punishing me I came to read this before.

I do agree though they throw some curve balls sometimes, seems like its on purpose sometimes.