Lesson Number One i need some help


here is what i got

animal_sounds = {
"lloyd": ["name", "homework", "quizzes", "test"]
"alice": ["name", "homework", "quizzes", "test"]
"tyler": ["name", "homework", "quizzes", "test"]
print animal_sounds["lloyd"]

it says this Oops, try again. Did you create a dictionary named lloyd? Your code threw a "global name 'lloyd' is not defined" error.


you got some of it right you just need to space them out more


or maybe you can just put there names after where it says name


no are you even on this one yet


i am way past it would you like me to give you the code


ok then what is a argument


where to peaple fight


its two not to and i mean in codeing term


two not to and you are mean


we have 6 mins lefgt so i am going to finish my leaveal


nvm i got it this post is usliss now