Lesson Is Bugged List Slicing 5/14


Basically the lesson is asking me to call the middle two items and last two items of the list in two different strings. So I do this -

suitcase = [“sunglasses”, “hat”, “passport”, “laptop”, “suit”, “shoes”]

The first and second items (index zero and one)

first = suitcase[0:2]

Third and fourth items (index two and three)

middle = suitcase[2:3]

The last two items (index four and five)

last = suitcase[4:5]

  • which is apparently wrong, and it wants me to type in [2:4] and [4:6]. Am I just not understanding something? Or is this just codeacademy gone wrong?


This will only be the third item.

This will only be the fourth item

Remember that slices do not include the stop index.


ohhhh okay, I actually just got that in the next lesson. Its almost like putting quotations around those set variables. Like for instance the next lesson wanted me to call “dog” out of - animals = “catdogfrog” - so I would have to - dog = animals[3:6] - because its calling the first letter after 3 and ends after 6.


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