Lesson Good Coding: Naming Conventions


Instructions are:

Create a variable name in the editor and set
it equal to your name as a string (between
quotes, like this: "Eric"). Your string can be
capitalized, but name should be all lower case!

I wrote:

puts "Albertmark".downcase
some_variable = "Your sting here!"

Anything wrong? It won't let me pass. Thanks!


"Albertmark" is a string primitive. We need to assign it to a variable:

my_name = "Albert Mark"
puts my_name.downcase




Never mind:confused:

my_name = "Albert Mark"
puts my_name.downcase
some_variable = "Your string here!"

Computer says:
Oops, try again. Did you declare a variable called name?


Computer says same thing to plain:

my_name = "Albert Mark"
puts my_name.downcase


Use the variable name given in the instructions. Mine is just an example.


So what am I supposed to write???????
I used my username for the thing,
even though I know yous is an example.


The error message says name so that is what we should use:

name = "Albert Mark"
puts name.downcase


my_name = "Albert Mark"
name = my_name.downcase
puts name


Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!