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I feel like I have been thrown to the wolves ever since the course went to ‘higher order functions’ and then also in the ‘iterators’ . Just like the two previous questioners I also am stumbling over when and why to use ‘return’ and when and why to use ‘{}’ in arrow functions. I think the creators of the content know the subject so well that they believe everyone else does .

I’m also a little miffed at the fact that this forum seems not to be monitored by the course creators. There are two questions ahead of mine on the same subject since Oct 25 and no answers at Dec. 7. Are these forums only attended by struggling learners? I would expect more help out of a monthly fee.

If these lessons are building on previous lessons, I would like an easily accessible menu that would allow access to those earlier lessons so that a quick review is possible. The menu in the lower left corner only pertains to the current section. To return to previous sections I have to navigate back to the academy home then to ‘my lessons’ then go into the Javascript course to find the syllabus. I’m going to go back to the functions lesson to see if there is pertinent information I have forgotten.


Please see this topic:

How to ask good questions (and get good answers)

providing this information means we can provide better answers

The fee is for the course content, the people helping on the forum are just volunteers (me included)

Feel free to consult external documentation, learning to read and use documentation is very valuable:


once you opened this menu, at the top of the menu should be the course name, you can click this to go syllabus overview. If you do ctrl + left mouse click, the link opens in new tab. (press ctrl + shift to go to this tab)

I completely agree. Ever since higher order functions this course is just lost on me.

The lessons are really getting confusing since High Order Functions. Cant you try to simplify the lessons?


This is my second time through this course. First time was the free version. Now I am doing the Pro version. Regardless, once you get through it the first time (and try another JS related course like myself) and try it again a lot more will make sense from the Higher Order Functions lesson and onward. Likely what is stumping you is being familiar with the usage of pre and post ES6 style.


I felt same way and lost as course is getting intense and little help.

the main issue is that the explanations are simply not very good. i find it interesting that the main recourse suggested is to navigate away from this interface to actually learn the material properly.

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I also agree with the original poster… completely.

A lesson is being taught to us… and then instead of “quizzing” us on the material we’ve just studied, we have material thrown at us that we have not even been introduced nor exposed to.

Suggesting that we “ask better questions” is a moot point as this is not a question, it is feedback. Important feedback!

Also, the fact that there are volunteers is also moot, in the context that some are paying for poor instruction.

If you simply usher us to MDN documentation, why even take your course? Why don’t we just take the MDN course?

It would really be wise to take this feedback seriously. Previous tutorials have not been this haphazard. We like you guys, we care and we want Codecademy to remain successful. Otherwise we would not comment, we’d just go elsewhere.

I will address my own question separately.