Lesson didn't pass my code?

I entered:
let favoriteAnimal = ‘Monkey’;
console.log('My favorite animal: ’ + favoriteAnimal);

My entry was incorrect and the solution the program provided:
let favoriteAnimal = “Monkey”;
console.log("My favorite animal: " + favoriteAnimal);

The program has not previously discussed the use of " " around an entry.

Is the correction provided indeed correct? Does it matter or not matter?


For delimiting string objects we may use any of, ''. "" or

, the latter being ES6 delimiter for template literals, but valid on any string.

It’s likely that the lesson checker doesn’t recognize all these options, and expects only the double quote.

Throughout the lesson single quotes are used…

Got the same problem as you. When I viewed the solution, they put double quotes in but the editor still ran my own favorite animal ! :-))

No it doesn’t matters but checker forgot to add that options that’s all