Lesson 9 prompt command


prompt(“Where are you from?”);

this is exactly wht I am typing. why is it showing wrong?



You must prompt the user inside a variable. Per example:

var variableName = prompt("You ask your question here");


still didnt work. Can you type the exact code and send me… then i can see if it works.



Nevermind, your code work:

However, you are supposed to get a popup on your screen asking you “Where you come from?”. Try submitting it again or refreshing your webpage. Sorry, I mistook with other exercise.


I tried. It still isnt working.



It’s supposed to work. Can you give me the link of your exercise.



Here u go!


This is the answer:

prompt(“Where are you from”);

Don’t forget the ; :slightly_smiling:


Thank You so much!


Thanks. i got it. thanks for ur help though.


You’re very welcome! :smiley:


please help, don`t work prompt




If you have a problem, please start a new thread with your link + error message + code. Thanks.


Get rid of the question mark. Then it should work.


It worked for me with prompt("Where are you from?"). The only difference I can see is that I had no ; at the end!


Weird. Maybe it works two different ways. :confused: