Lesson 9 - 8 - What am i doing wrong?


p {
font-family: Garamond;
body > p {
font-weight: bold;
div ul li {
text-decoration: underline;

Thanks for your help


the synopsis paragraph needs a specific color (see instructions), synopsis paragraph is the only direct child of a div (hint hint), synopsis and summary are not the same paragraph.


The instructions in Spanish did not indicate a color for the paragraph, I will review in English.

Thank you.


it did? i opened the spanish course (this exercise, right?) and it says:

Haz que el párrafo de sumario tenga el color #7AC5CD

if i had to take i guess, sumario roughly translates to synopsis, it is this paragraph you need to target:

<p>Sumario: cuando estableces una propiedad de un selector como 'p' con un cierto valor, ese valor se aplica a <em>todas</em> las etiquetas p.
Sin embargo, si cambias esa misma propiedad a un valor diferente para una instancia de p más específica,
ese cambio <em>prevalecerá</em> sobre la 'regla general'.</p>


The 3rd part needs to be:
li p {


div ul p is also fine, there are multiply ways to solve this exercise


I also have the same trouble. Please we need some help!


My introduction and resume paragraph are already bold but it appeared a message saying that I forgot putting those paragraph into bold!!


okay, it is tempting to be really sarcastic. Anyway, i can't help you if you don't post any code


Heeellpppp I'm having the same problem!
Here's my code:
p {
font-family: Garamond

body > p {
font-weight: bold

div > p {
color: #7AC5CD

div ul p {
color: #000000
text-decoration: underline

I've tried so many variations on that last one - I've tried div > ul > p, div ul p, div ul li p, div > ul > li > p, li p, li > p, ul li p, ul > li > p, so frckin many.

What am I doing wrong here??


you are missing a semi-colon after color: #000000

div > ul > p won't work, because the paragraph are in list tags (<li></li>)