Lesson 8


"In the example above, all divs on the page are floated to the left side. The div with class special did not move all the way to the left because a taller div blocked its positioning. By setting its clear property to left, the special div will be moved all the way to the left side of the page."

This is confusing without a visual.

"Take a look at the .answers divs on the web page. They have been floated to the left, but the .question divs are touching the .answer divs on the right, let's fix this.

In the .question selector, set the clear property to left. Notice how the questions moved."

I didn't notice any change at all!

"On second thought, this layout is not looking so good. Remove the float property from .answer and the clear property from .question."

HUH? What's the point of this exercise then?


Plesae post a link to this exercise. Thanks.


the link


To demonstrate the effect. This is a learning example, not a production page.


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