Lesson 8 front size

I typed front size :10 in line 7 but it told me the size is 12…

I see that you changed the original sentence. Which was:

Some text for you to make tiny.

thank you.
I reset the code and it still shows:

I have the exact same issue.

so it looks like a bug?

I would believe so yes.

Trying multiple browsers did not fix the issue

The same issue will happen in the next lesson…

Please check your zoom it should be on 100%

it really helps! But what the reason the zoom should be 100%?

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The font size is detected to be bigger

By the way my zoom is 100% and im still having this issue

@scriptninja65275 You have a spelling mistake…
Your code stlye
Needs to be style

it happened to me
i just skip that part

try 110% or 130% or bigger

Everyone, is your error message is: looks like is 12px instead of 10px, your browser has a minimum font-size setting. Do a google search: disable minimum font-size chrome.

If you get any other error message, copy paste your code to the forum, so we can test it. Please read this post about markdown so your code/indent will show

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U can press the keyboard of “ctrl” & “+” in 2 times.
If the screen is zoomed in 125% ,you can press save & submit.

this seem to be right but i keep getting error message about font siz being a 15px instead of 10px.

Did you pass? You also made a question for 13. align text

yes I did thanks I figured it out…