Lesson 8 All by yourself


this is my code, i cant get it to work it keeps saying "missing ) after argument list" PLEASE HELP!!

var answer = prompt("candy?");
switch(answer) {
case 'snickers':
console.log("snickers is the devil, but it feels sooooo good!");
case 'milkyway':
console.log("milkyway is for losers");
case '100grand':
console.log("100 grand is aight");
console.log("screw" + " " + answer + " " ",that stuff is wack.");


There's an out-of-place " " on line 13, not sure why it figures that there is a missing ), can't say I know much about JS


hey thanks man, I guess my eyes were tired and I forgot to put the + before the " " that i used to make an extra space. Thanks person. Ive been stuck for a while.