Lesson 7?

? How do I change the font color I can’t get it

It would be with the color attribute. :slightly_smiling:

I am looking at the hint and it isn’t working. This is what I have
p {
font color;green

general css syntax:

selector {
  property: value;

as @cadecodes already pointed out, the property should be color. And your semi-colon seems to be at the wrong place, and the colon is missing all together

Okay I can’t figure out what I am doing I keep trying. Can you show me?
In the stylesheet.css tab, make the font color of the p selector green. (Check the Hint if you need help.)
These are my directions

I just showed you that you used the wrong property, and some punctuation requires fine tuning.

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Haha okay I obviously tried fixing it after you said that and I can’t get it. Thanks though.

p {
font color:green;

what about this isn’t right I don’t understand.

your property is still font color, while it should be just color

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