Lesson 7: Swinging From Branch to Branch


What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling:


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
		<a href="http://www.codecademy.com/">Codecademy!</a>
				<a href="http://www.codecademy.com/learn">Learn</a>
				<a href="http://www.codecademy.com/create/creator">Teach</a>
				<a href="http://www.codecademy.com/edit_account/basic_info">Settings</a>


/*Add your CSS below!*/
a {
font-family: Cursive;
text-decoration: none;
ul {
font-family: Cursive;
text-decoration: none;


When posting code (especially html), you need to highlight it, and click the </> button in the format menu. This says that the code is preformatted, and will allow us to see it in it's raw state. Otherwise, your html will get rendered.


uhm.. you want to target the links inside the unordered list, which means you need one css selector which has two parts. Let's say i have this example:

  <p>not target</p>

and then with div p as css selector, i will only target the paragraph inside the div:

div p { color: red; }

you need to the same with different css selectors to select the link inside your unordered list


Thanks for all the help :slightly_smiling:


It's telling me to change the font type to bold for two paragraphs, this is what I have:

font-weight: bold;

I also have both paragraphs marked with

It comes up as bold on the sample screen, but every time i click ok to go onto the next subject, it tells me that i haven't bolded it.

What to do?


It shows that it is being bolded on the sample screen, but every time i click to go to the next subject it says that i haven't bolded it. I'm positive I have everything correct on CSS and html.

I have both paragraphs with the div tags.



This is the correct way, right?


Can you post your code? Html and css.


Introduction: Cascading with CSS

	    <span><p>Synopsis: When you set a property of a selector like 'p' to a certain value, that value applies to <em>all</em> p tags.
		If, however, you change that same property to a different value for a more specific instance of p,
		that change will <em>override</em> the 'general rule'.
		</p> </span>
			<li><p>If you say p { font-family: Garamond}, all 'p's will have the font Garamond.</p></li>
			<li><p>BUT if you say li p {font-family: Verdana}, 'p's outside of 'li's will be
				   in Garamond, and 'p's INSIDE 'li's will be in Verdana.
			<li><p>The more specific your selectors are, the higher importance CSS gives to the styling you apply!</p></li>

	<div><p>Summary: Greater specificity makes CSS prioritize that particular styling.</p></div>


font-family: Garamond;



li p{
text-decoration: underline;


Sorry, the top got cut off somehow.

At the top of synopsis:

          <div><p>Introduction: cascading with css</p></div>


It looks like you are working on a different lesson than the one in the title of this post. Please make a new post for your question. Include in the title the name of the lesson your are working on, and include the html and css code from the editor tabs. It seems like you just copy and pasted the instructions from your lesson.


Sorry i'm 86% stupid, and 13% idiot.



@hleighton, this is exercise 8 can you swing it

@tylermoore4, reset the code, don't change the html code, this exercise is css only, use the > to grab direct children


Can someone give me the answers for this? I can't pass this lesson.



asking for solution and giving it, is against guidelines. Please make a new topic, and provide the details we need to help you