Lesson 7 Python


Hey guys I'm having issues with Lesson 7. I'm entering the code below and it keeps giving me an error which is also below. I'm not sure what is wrong with the code. I have tried to reload the page and I have also tried to restart the lesson but it still will not accept the code. Thanks for any help in advance.


spam = True
eggs = False


File "python", line 2
eggs = False
IndentationError: unexpected indent


Hi, @fivev5 ,

Make sure not to have any spaces to the left of either of the two lines that you submitted.


Probably you code :
def spam():
eggs = 12
return eggs

print spam()

Put a space before egg and return.



Here is the correct code.
I hope that can help you.
Good luck.


shouldn't true and false be spaced away from "=" ?


Yep. You are right.
That way would be clearer.