Lesson 7: Column Headings (HELP, DRIVING ME NUTS!)

I keep getting the error: “Make sure you have successfully entered into the first header ‘favorite Monster’ (without the quotes)”. What am I missing? Here’s my code below:

Ahora las tablas
    <table border="1px">
                     <th>favorite Monster</th>
                     <th>Birth Year</th>
                <td>King Kong</td>
                <td>El hombre lobo</td>

Not sure why the instructions in my Lesson 7 don’t jive with the above picture, but I got it to pass with this…

                    <th>Famous Monster</th>
                    <th>Birth Year</th>     

Weird. I switched it up as per your example. Still got the same error code. Not sure what to do now…

Famous Monster Birth Year

Is that picture showing how you actually coded the tags? By rights, they should not have any whitespace…

< html >

should be,


as with all the other tags. The browser might not care, but the SCT might.

I thought so too. However, when I type , it automatically turns itself to < html >…

That sounds weird. I’ve never seen such behavior. What OS/browser are you using?

Windows 7 on a Surface Pro 3 - Google Chrome

Is it the same in all the HTML lessons? Your pasted code is normal, which is why I was suprised to see the picture. If is not having any effect, then I guess it is what it is.

Yep,it’s the same in all lessons. I guess i’ll just move on to the next. Hope I’m not doing anything incorrectly.

This is not the standard course you are doing, the instructions tell you to use all those spaces in all the html tags, if i look at the url of the exercise it looks different, here is the right one:


This URL takes me to lesson 8 and not 7.

Then you go to lesson 7 from lesson 8? there is a navigation menu. But as you see, it is better

Unfortunately, your solution was giving the same results. After continuing to play with it, I typed in the words in Spanish and it works. Go figure…

Sorry, unlike @stetim94 and @mtf, I’m not fluent at HTML & CSS, this might be a stupid question… you tried refreshing, right? :confused:

Also, this is the URL I have:


Sorry if I’m disrupting you guys or anything, just is that what the problem is confuses me ALOT.

Maybe a bug or something? But anyways, sorry if I disrupted you guys. :smiley:

P.S. I’m guessing that it isn’t a refreshing problem because kpoleon, you have been talking with stetim and mtf for days, so it’s just a thought. :smiley:

Your ideas are welcome here without comparing yourself to @stetim94 or @mtf (me) and you need never apologize for expressing them. You can be at ease, and strengthen yourself through the interaction. Be yourself.

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