Lesson 6


Oops! it looks like there is a error in your syntax?Check the ex 1

As per instructions in lesson 6 I have added the statement if "there are no "s"in the string" and also else statement. Why it is not passing?
To me it looks it is wasting time in RUBY COURSE because it is difficult &very lengthy and instructions are not CLEAR further more codecademy is not giving Hints as they want people to join PRO.

var = print"give me a string"
user_input = gets.chomp

if "there are no "s" in the string"
    "Nothing to do here"


TODO: Check if there is no s in the string
What you are doing: Typing the string "there are no "s" in the string" as an if condition.

That string won't enable you to check a condition. Strings are interpreted by Ruby as a sequence of characters only. You have to use the method .include? as per the exercise instructions, which will produce a boolean value (true or false) and therefore help gain desired result.