Lesson 6 still struggling


Today I tried to understand the instructions and the EX 1 and following i could make which is not passing.
What is the alternative to go through the course without joining PRO.

var=print"give me a string"
user_input = gets.chomp
 user_input= "if there is no "s"s in their string"
 puts"Nothing to do here!"


I don’t know much if any Ruby, but you’ve got an else sticking out like a sore thumb, should there perhaps be an if to match it?

You know, if bob is blue, then do this stuff, else do that stuff

I suggest copying your code, hitting the reset button and then see if there’s anything from your current version that you should put back there. Or just start over, since it’s just a couple of lines anyway.

Instructions say to “add”, doesn’t mention changing anything that’s already there.