Lesson 6, Parents, childern


Missing diagram to "right". No visual of parent, child, grandchild as promised


I am getting an error message with b.s. about only putting 2 links in a message. I have only had one link in my message. Since then I have now tried no links in my message.

The lesson is #6 in CSS about parent, child, grandchild. The lesson promised a visualization to the right which fails to show up!


this is the code in the exercise:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html> <!--The root of the tree!-->
    <head> <!--Child of html, parent of title,
           sibling of body-->
        <title></title> <!--Immediate child of head,
                        child of head AND html-->
    <body> <!--Child of html, parent of p,
           sibling of head-->
        <p></p> <!--Immediate child of body,
                child of body AND html-->

the code + comments is the visual representation. this doesn't show in your editor?


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