Lesson 6 of javascripting


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On Introduction to Javascript

Here is the code
console.log(365 / 27);

Here is the question
Let's say it's a full moon tonight, and we want to know what the moon will look like one year from today. We know from the moon phase image to the right that the moon circles the Earth every 27 days, so let's start by dividing 365 by 27.

Here are the instructions lol
Now let's generate a space fact while we learn a brand new operator, called (drum roll please) the modulus.

The idea behind the modulus is to show you the remainder after you divide a number.

So, if you divide 13 / 5, 5 goes into 13 two times, and there will be 3 remaining. A modulus, denoted by a %, would take 13 % 5 and return the remainder 3.

How on Earth is this useful?

Let's ask a question a modulus can solve: What will the moon phase be one year from today


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I'm getting the same issue... it gives no feedback on the answer


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