Lesson 6: And


I've entered my code as follows:

bool_one = False and False is False

bool_two = -(-(-(-2))) == -2 and 4>= 16**0.5 is False

bool_three = 19 % 4 != 300 / 10 / 10 is False

bool_four = -(1**2) < 2**0 and 10 % 10 <= 20 - 10 * 2 is True

bool_five = True and True is True

I keep getting an error with bool 4. I'm fairly certain -1 < 1 and 0 <= 0 are true... I've tried entering the code myself, tried copy/pasting directly from the question, tried both True/False inputs with each, and it won't accept any possible answer. Am I missing something simple here?


Why don't you try copy+pasting every statement again...


What reply is that ? He said that he copied and still didnt work, same bug here.


Thank you for being asking so nicely. :no_mouth:

Your problem, @jhost22:

You're suppose to replace is with and, as shown in the dirrections. I also don't know if you actually added the is True and is False part, but if you did, you have to erase them all.

@megablaster59276 Would be more helpful if you showed your code.


I asked the same question a few days ago under the post '6 And "Double check your value for bool_four"'. I finally coded "bool_four = True and True is True" and it was accepted. I don't know why. It seems to be a bug because I didn't have to change my other statements from variables to words, only bool_four.