Lesson 6/8 invalid character where is the error?


Supporting content 6/8 exercise two div class row

Invalid Character

<section class="container">
    <div class="row">
  <div class="row"> 


Did you try refresh ?
if that doesn't work please paste in all your HTML code.



Maybe you need to go back to exercise 5/8 , copy all text in index.html and replace all text in exercise 6/8.run and see if you get the same error or not.if no error,try to do the exercise and see if the error come up or not.


I have the same problem and the remedies that won't work are:

  1. Re-doing the task
  2. Re-loading the question


Paste in a picture of your work space
and all of your code


To fix it you have to switch browsers, which might be a bug so I reported it.


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