Lesson 6 & 7 control flow in Ruby


Unless I receive replies of the lessons 6&7 I am stuck up and can not go ahead may be suspend this course and do some other course.
Codecademy must change the INSTRUCTIONS and give Hints as was given earlier and should not force to join "PRO"


Seems like you get help on exercise from a moderator, which means you are in good hands. Pro was only an expansion on what was already there.


I am 70 yrs old and all alone having no link with any moderator.Only doing these courses as hobby.
Earlier in each exercise was also given Hint along with instructions but after introducing PRO codecademy has withdrawn Hint to put pressure on learners to join PRO.Which is not justified.
If you could help I will be thankful to you.


Not all exercises include a hint, that was even the case before the pro came around.

The old course (ruby, python, html + css) are all written by different people, not all of them decide to include a hint, for a variety of reasons