Lesson 5 Bug


As already mentioned here: https://www.codecademy.com/forum_questions/50efea6d28525d1133002141

If using firefox, the correct code actually replaces the div with the title but does not pass the Codecademy standards. I have to remove the quotations around #player in this line for it to pass(which is actually incorrect formating)



This is one of the old courses, its no longer maintained. Please visit the main codecademy site, it features the supported course

If you want to do something specific (like soundcloud) i would recommend finding a more recent source.


Oh, thanks. I didn’t know they are outdated. Our community college is linking this as an assignment.


Can you share the exercise url? Just to be 100% sure, currently 90% sure.

Yea, its the old learning environment (very likely), which has sunset. I would highly advise to inform your teacher of this


Working on the soundcloud on. Part 2 of this page


That is the old learning environment, i would stay away from it. Talk to your teacher.