Lesson 5/13


Can I HAVE some help with lesson 5/13?
What’s wrong in this code?

1 def spam():
2 eggs=12
3 return eggs
5 print spam()


please see this topic:

on how you can write better posts, which include more useful information so we can help you faster, better and more effectively


Is this the unit you are on?

A Day at the Supermarket


given the edit, i think he is on this one:


@cats7, please post your code with markup:

This way, we can see the white-spacing of your code.


Thanks a lot, but it not solve the probem. The code stil not working!


A solution has never been suggested, so it makes sense it still doesn’t work

without formatting your code, all white-spaces are gone, so we can’t see what your code really looks like, that is why you have to post your code with format

Also, things like error messages are really useful, did you read the Quick tips for writing a good post?


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