Lesson 4's review

Hey guys. I started this topic because on lesson 4 I had a few problems and I had to spend a long time solving what was wrong and I don’t want others to go through that. So if anyone would like to post anything helpful to the lesson be my guest.

Can you provide a link to the lesson?

uhh sure just hold on a sec

here is the link
This link is for challenge 1 on lesson 4.

Oh and 1 more thing. Remember that if anyone asks what the answer is, don’t
tell them directly. Make them understand what the answer is without
directly telling them. :+1:

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This seems to be one of those “lessons” where they show you what you’ll be working towards but you don’t actually have to write code. Is it the right link?

Yeah its the right link

All this topic is doing is just going over lesson 4 and I may extend this to all lessons after. Sort of like a helpline if you know what I mean.

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