Lesson 4 no text on webpage

My code looks basically identical to the example, but nothing shows up on the webpage…What am I doing wrong :frowning:

Please paste in your code and error msg so that we can help
How to insert code


The Sugar Free Soprano `

Update: If I change <title> to <body> and
</title> to </body> then the text in between shows up…

@sugarfreesoprano I don’t really understand your question but let me just explain to you…

As in the pic above Lesson 4 no text thats the title of the web page which you can change using the title tags <title> My title </title>

So it won’t be seen on the content of your page and yes it should be between your head tags…

Whatever you put between your body tags are visible on the page eg paragraph tags

<p> This paragraph is visible on the page </p>

Oh…I didn’t understand this it’s not visible. I read that the title of the page was HTML Basics Codecademy, but I couldn’t see it anywhere. Anyway, I just submitted it and it worked, so that was just my bad not understanding what a title was exactly…thanks!

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codecademy uses an iframe, so the browser tab won’t show it. However, if you try it on jsbin, your title will show in the browser tab besides the title of jsbin, if you create a html file yourself, only your title will show up