Lesson 3 Problem



Instructions say: "1. In main.scss, compute the .math selector's font size to be a 1/2 of its height." Example code is given: "font-size: $width/6/2;" I put it into the code (see below) but it gives me the message: "Did you assign the .math class font-size to be a sixth of the width in main.scss?" After several tries it asked me if I want to get the code, and I clicked yes, but nothing happened. I've tried this several times. I've tried resetting the workplace, but nothing happened. I also tried logging out and logging back in, using the same browser (Safari). I also tried it in a different browser (Chrome). Still the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

$width: 250px;
$lagoon-blue: fade-out(#62fdca,0.5);

.math {
  width: $width;
  text-align: center;
  background-color: $lagoo2n-blue;
  color: red + blue;
  height: $width/6;
  line-height: $width/6;
  border-radius: $width/30;
  font-size: $width/6/2;


$width/6/2 would be a twelfth of the original width I believe. You need to get a sixth.


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