Lesson 3 - Oops! "The Test Returned an Error"


This is my code:
Rails.application.routes.draw do
get"/messages" =>"messages#index"

This is the error I'm getting:
Oops! The test returned an error. Maybe you have a syntax error, or a typo. Hide error.
config/application.rb to limit the frameworks that will be loaded.

Lesson 3 - Controller routes.rb question

Hi @snalyz,

You'll probably want to add a space in between get and the following double quote ("), but I'm not sure if that's the cause of your problem.

There should be a thing you can click to view the full error, can you let me know what that says? Also, a link to the exercise you're on would be helpful :slight_smile:


That fixed it, actually. And the full error was as posted there. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Zystvan.


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