Lesson 3 Javascript


I don't understand what i am doing incorrectly? any ideas

You did not call the greeting function. Pass it a name!

var greeting = function (Emily) {
    console.log("nice to see you"+"goodbye"+ Emily);



You need to call greeting after your second curly brace essentially you have set up the function. The end of your function is your second curly brace.


Hello @objectpro68386,

You sure have several syntax errors. Click here to learn more.

To call a function,


since your function name is Emily. I recommend you change your function name. Remember, you call the function AFTER the code (in this case, the function).

Also, put a ; after }.


You call a function by the variable name that you defined it with. So if your function is greeting you would call it by typing in greeting and putting a string in parentheses as its argument.