Lesson. 3 Function Syntax help


Help am really confused with what I did wrong


Hey @iwannamakevideogames! Delete your code from 11-13. This is how you call a function:


Secondly instead of passing Seb as your argument pass in name as your argument. Since we dont want only Seb to come out.

so like this:

var greeting = function(name){
console.log("Great to see you , " + " " + name);

Hope this helped! If it didnt please reply saying so! Good Luck!


The other error you have is using Seb in the definition of your function, but then using name later.. they should be consistent.


Thanks For the Help! :grinning:


in my code, that`s not work


i did all the steps above but still did not work
What would i do ??


if you have any problem then create a new topic we’ll be happy to help you


Thank u so much can I ask how can I do it ?


Go to https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/javascript/javascript-beginner-en-6LzGd
Click + New Topic
Fill in the template
Someone will be along to help

check it too