Lesson 3 - Controller Routes.rb Syntax Error

I’ve created the Route in my Routes.rb file to message but I am getting an odd Syntax error and I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. Any ideas?

Hi @bytemaster74045,

This is a bug, please report it through the form beneath the instructions on the left. I’m not aware of any fixes for the issue right now, but sometimes resetting the exercise can help.

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What can I do to move forward in the lesson if their is a bug? I’ve submitted the bug.

These two solutions used to work for people, but recently I’ve been told that they no longer do anything:

  1. Tzinfo-data error
  2. Pages_controller.rb not in folder

You could try those, and sometimes resetting an exercise or running it until the “Get Code” option comes up will let you proceed.

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Is there any word on a fix for this? I don’t want to just Get Code my way past, as it also skips the other lessons and I don’t learn anything.

@benjamin I’m sorry, I haven’t heard anything about it yet. I’ll see if I can file it as a higher priority bug sometime this evening, and that should get the team on it faster. Until then, “Get Code” is the only “fix” I’m aware of :confused:

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