Lesson 24: Fall back!


I did this lesson correctly, but I wanted to point out that this is the copy/paste of the entirety of the instruction:

1.) Set the p font-family to Garamond.
2.) Give h1 a backup font of sans-serif and p a backup font of serif. Check the Hint if you need a refresher!

However, when I got to submit, it states I did not put a comma after "Verdana" in the h1 descriptors. Nowhere in the lesson or the few before it does it say to put Verdana. I didn't see a "report an issue" button, so I thought I might post it here.


color: #576D94;

font-family: Garamond,serif;
font-size :18px;
color: #4A4943;

try this code..


I'm pretty sure you forgot the selector? check the hint. for the mulitpil types, (font-family: then I think the selector part
then the verdana and sans-serif.
not positive....


I didn't actually need help with it. After hitting submit I knew what I needed to add. The issue is that the instructions don't tell you to put that and it doesn't say in the hint either. So I was trying to give someone, hopefully the creator the heads up that it needs to fixed.