Lesson 22out of 23 It won't recognize the text between the paragraph tags

I keep getting the message make sure you put some text between you <p.>

tags! Help!
Here is my coding…

This is my third header and it is not a horse

	<p> A header is not a man on a horse </p>
	<h3 class="fancy"> </h3>
	<p class="fancy"> </p>
	<p> This my second paragraph </p>
	<p id="serious"></p>

Add something between the

  "<h3 class = "fancy"> " and  "</h3>"

and the same for your p class.

It just needs something to show you it’s working, so any letter, number, or whatever will work.

seems to me that error is cause by the fact that you have no text between your h3 (like lolman pointed out) h3 tags, but you also do not have text inside this paragraph:

<p id="serious"></p>

also, the order of your html elements is incorrect, go back to fix the order, this might give you problem in the next exercise (23/23)