Lesson 21 modulo & if then (fuzzy math)


I got the answer right on this one and I understand the modulo concept. What is bugging me is that the lesson is calling divisibility "even"

Which is not true. 15/5=3 and has no remainder. 15 is divisible by 5, which is why this code works.

if( 15%5===0 ) {
console.log("The first number is even");
} else {
console.log("The first number is odd");

A number is even when it is divisible by 2 and 2 only. I find this misleading. Anyone else have a problem with that? Or am I missing something?


That equation has a remainder of 0.

  • a number is even if it gives a remainder of 0 when you divide it by 2
  • 0 / 2 = 0
  • 0 is considered even


That makes a little more sense! Just thought they were asking me to execute a modulo that would result in a remainder of 0 not any even number (bc of the reference to the modulo execution in the lesson).

In actuality the code above would work with an odd remainder too :slightly_smiling: as long as it evaluates to "true"

For example:
if(23%5===3) {console.log("The first number is even");
else {
console.log("The first number is odd");

Even though the number isn't even, 23%5===3 evaluates to true, so the console prints "The number is even"

Got caught up in the semantics on that one. Still I get the code, and that's good!


Yes, that's good!

number % 2 === 0

That is the definition of even so it is used all the time to check whether a number is even or odd.


derp derp. I somehow missed the instruction to use a modulo and an even number.

I was focusing on programming it to evaluate true.

(I def know what an even number is, haha)

Thanks for helping me through :blush: