Lesson 20 Bordering On Insanity


I don't quite understand the code for the stylesheet.css tab, and what we're supposed to put in the

Please Help?


Post your code, your question, and maybe a link to the excercise.


The format for the code in CSS is:
code for styling;
For example, if you wanted to make all the tds in a table have a height of 20px and a solid 2px coral border, then you would do:
td {
height: 20px;
border: 2px solid #ff7f50;
Breaking down the border--2px is the width of the border, solid is the type of border--It can also be dashed or dotted, and #ff7f50 is the hex number for coral. Plus, make sure you end each line without the curly braces with a semi-colon. That's the only way the CSS you wrote will go into effect.


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