Lesson 2, Step 6: String Method: lower()


In the lesson regarding string methods, specifically for lower(), I continue to encounter an error regardless of how I change syntax e.g., adding semicolons or changing amount of white space. Even refreshing the webpage and reopening the browser don't resolve it.

When trying to call the method lower(), I receive the following error every time:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 3, in module
NameError: name 'lower' is not defined

Per the previous exercise, lower(parrot) should have changed "Norwegian Blue" to "norwegian blue". I don't see how there is any syntax issue. This error seems to be indicating that the interpreter doesn't recognize the lower() string method? I don't know how I can proceed to the next lesson with this error repeatedly occurring.

parrot = "Norwegian Blue";
print lower(parrot)


it's not the right syntax.

syntax for lower() method −


you have to use Dot Notation.
you can see the lesson example too :slight_smile:


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