Lesson 2 old enough to play?


i don't understand what i am doing wrong

you didn't check the users age

    console.log("You and Bieber start racing. It's neck and neck! you win by a shoelace!")
console.log("Oh no! Bieber shakes his head and sings 'I set a pace, so I can race without pacing.'")


Hi you should read the instruction because where you put yes you should put the if condtion


what would the condition be then?


var age = prompt("What's your age");
if (condition) {
console.log("You are allowed to play, but we take no responsibility for that");
else {
console.log("you are too young to play this game! Go to school");

condition: you should evaluate is your "age" more then 18, for example.


what the instruction are asking you? can you post it?




HI that is the link (with it I can't see his code) to the lesson but I want to see his update code..