Lesson 2 navigation


The css styling I know where to put the code in i just dont know how to set it up can somebody tell me the answer or show me cause it is confusing.

Lesson 4 jumbotron:heading

What exactly is the problem?
Can you provide your current code?


it is blank i redid it alot


Ok. What is the exact lesson? Lesson 2 is "What are tables?" in that course. Is that the one troubling you?


CSS!!! i it is already post it on what it said Lesson 2 NAVIGATION!!!!!!


Ugh I'm sorry but I can't find "Navigation" in HTML Basics III. Can you link to ti? My apologies...


because there isn't, this is make a website course, and the execise in question is this one @igorcaletacar

@jhenley12345, if you need our help, please post full html + css code


Thank you @stetim94 for saving the thread , it was wrongly titled to HTML Basic III.

@jhenley12345, what is confusing you about CSS here?
The goal is to do this

In main.css:
Make a new CSS rule that selects all <a> elements nested inside <div class="nav">..</div>. Check out the example above.
Set the color to #5a5a5a. [some nav text to call back - Remember what color does]
Set the font-size to 11px
Set the font-weight to bold
Set the padding-top to 14px, and the padding-bottom to 14px
Set the padding-left to 10px, and the padding-right to 10px
Make the text uppercase using text-transform: uppercase;

Since it's explained pretty well, I assume you don't know how to target all links that are nested inside <div> with class nav? If that's so, you do it like this

// target all <a> elements
a {
// code

// target all elements with class .nav
.nav {
// code

// target all <div> elements with class .nav
div.nav {
// code

So to target all elements that are inside <div> with class nav we would use this selector

div.nav a {
// code


css not htmliam finish with that course


That make sense, but i would still like to see your full css code

You posted on the wrong forum, so i can understand igorcaletacar confusen


I think that this link might help with this:


i already know this you already send this to me and i was not in a hurry so yeah i already got it so yeah.


That'a good to hear. Now we just have to figure out exactly what you are having doubts about. Is it this very first step? Are you having trouble figuring out how to select those <a> elements?

Do you remember when we learned about combining selectors? That is what we are doing here in this exercise.

This exercise also gives you a nice example of how you can select those a elements. Notice the selector that they've used: .nav a { }

I hope that gets you started. If you are still stuck, just ask a specific question and we'll get you sorted.