Lesson 2 css website


I dont understand what they mean by this so yeah please help me or give me the answers


Lesson 2 navigation

  <div class"learn-more">


Hi its should be like that <div class = "learn-more">


i know there is more to it lesson 2 css styling


What are the instructions? or can you provide a link to the exercise?


here you go https://www.codecademy.com/courses/web-beginner-en-4lw13/0/2?content_from=make-a-website%3Acss-properties-box#


Okay and whats the current css code you have in your stylesheet?


this <div class="learn-more">


This is styling css not whatever you're using that for

the instructions say you need to style the a's within the nav div.


i know but i cant do that it is hard to i dont understand that


Make a new CSS rule that selects all a elements nested inside <div class="nav">..</div>.

is the start of it. go to your css file


nav a {


follow the rest of the instructions telling you what you need to do. Have you done the html & css course before attempting this?


i know but it is hard can you please help me on what to do


Tell me exactly which part of the instructions is "hard", then we can help you.


Have you taken the html & css course before attempting this?

/+ what albion said


All of it saying something about stuff here Make a new CSS rule that selects all a elements nested inside

. Check out the example above.
Set the color to #5a5a5a. [some nav text to call back - Remember what color does]
Set the font-size to 11px
Set the font-weight to bold
Set the padding-top to 14px, and the padding-bottom to 14px
Set the padding-left to 10px, and the padding-right to 10px
Make the text uppercase using text-transform: uppercase;


Nope, take it slow, just pick ONE thing.


Yes, you need to go into your style.css file

then you need to type

nav a {

Then between the braces fill in the code which you're being asked to use from the instructions


i dont where to put it though like in the middle end and i dont know how to set it up


Have you done the html and css course? If not I STRONGLY recommend you take that before attempting this



i already and watch videos of it i know everything i just dontknow where to put it at