Lesson 2:Anatomy of an HTML Element

So im I little mad that the airbnb was replaced, but im over it now and I have some more problems. So when I went to the make a website thing and started the course, on lesson 2, it asked me to change the h1 header text from"You’re Building a Website!" to anything l liked. I changed the text to hi and it said I was wrong so I changed it to hello and I was still wrong so I reported as a bug and the report the bug screen was slightly glitched. after all that I remembered that on the old make a website you could reset the code but I could not find where the reset code button was so I clicked on get help and that was also glitched. When I returned to the main codecademy screen, the bar that is supposed to be at the bottom (where it says make a website and change the language) is at the top overlapping some of the items

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Are you using Internet Explorer by any chance?

I completed this unit with no problems, so cannot draw any conclusion as to what the member is experiencing. (FF on Windows 7)

  1. Leave the course (click the HTML & CSS link in the top bar).
  2. Return to the course and advance to lesson 2.
  3. Click ‘Get Help’ then click, ‘Restart Exercise’.
  4. Make a subtle change, like “We’re” instead of “You’re”.
  5. Click Run.

If there are still issues then we may need to create a bug report. Please provide the following information:

  1. Your machine description (tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.)
  2. The OS
  3. The browser
  4. Are you behind a firewall?
  5. A screenshot of the problem exercise.

Any other information that you feel we might be able to make use of. The more we can provide the engineers, the quicker the problem can be resolved.

yes I am using internet explorer, I think it may be 8

ok I will try because im using a school computer for this

Possibly an exercise in futility: ask whoever manages those machines to install Firefox and make sure that automatic updates are applied.

@leonhard.wettengmx.n see!

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Well I got back on today and the front page of the website was fixed so I went on the make a website course and it started working, so I think this might be solved? but also can I suggest something? Can you put the refresh code button back or tell me where it is? Thank you


Are you asking to rest?

There’s a reset button on the right side at the bottom if you click on help you will see reset lesson or course…

Or refresher of last lesson?

You can click on the left corner and the lessons for the Section will show you can navigate to the lesson you want to see (only completed lessons)

thank you I found it

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