Lesson 2/11 bug! Cannnot Progress



So, I've tried and tried to get this to work properly and it won't. The exercise asks you to change the gallery item to border: 5px solid #FFF. I used the right syntax, I've refreshed it, I've used the exact code and each time it asks me if I've changed it and won't let me progress! Here's a screen shot with what the exercise wants me to do and what I did; it's the same.

Please help and thanks.

Replace this line with your code.


The example got wrapped because it didn't fit the window but in fact is only one line.

.gallery-item {
    border: 5px solid #fff;


I tried it as one line: same result. I've done all the configurations I can think of. I can try again to check though. Thanks.


Never mind; the strange thing resolved itself and I can progress now. Thanks for the help!


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