Lesson 18: Show It If You Know It! Entire CSS Not Working?

Can’t figure out what’s wrong here. Result is showing all 3 links lined up in a single row still with underlined decoration and none of the CSS code has applied to them?

Text decoration none will only be applied when you hover over the link

Read the below post @stetim94 explains nicely how it works

Yes, thank you. That CSS element appears to have worked. The others for color haven’t worked?

your a:hover closing curly bracket seems off, you put a opening bracket instead of a closing one:

a:hover {/*some css code*/ { <-- oops

should be:

a:hover {/*some css code*/ }
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Holy crap dude… I could kiss you right now!

How in the world did I not see that? I was looking at it for about 20 minutues haha.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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a:nth-child(3) {
color: #FFC125;

This comes up with error:
Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your third to the color #FFC125?

if you want help, please make your own topic with full html + css code + error message + question