Lesson 16 Requests - Use https instead of http from instructions


Just add the S and everything will work fine.


thanks! that really helped.


took me so long to find this. Stupid error on their part.


this course is riddled with bugs, nice one Codeacademy, there were tons on the HTML/CSS and JS courses which were really offputting when I was first learning


Thanks! :smile: I was Stuck at this, such a waste of time :frowning:


Thanks bro, i found it myself, though.


I don't get why codecademy isn't fixing this simple error. Add the "S" to the http request.


this is exactly the type of shabazz that deters me from the premium stuff. everytime i log in there is some time waste like this. thought they would've improved by now.


Found it myself and was so proud!


I thought it would need a 's'!


thanks so much! God that took me ages.


Noticed same thing and came here to share. Upvoting to keep visibility.


Seems like that could be fixed pretty easily in the directions, Codecademy!. Thanks so much for posting this, @sarah189 ! I was completely stumped.


Wanted to post about the right answer by adding the 's' but it seems that someone already did that. :slight_smile:


many website dos not suport https
for example : دانلود آهنگ